About the Giraffe

You may or may not have noticed, but there is a new button on the header menu, right next to “About Andrew”.

The “About the Giraffe” page is exactly what it sounds like; it’s a page which will include a whole bunch of information about the giraffe pictured at the top of the page.

Unfortunately for me, this page is going to be way more fun and interesting than the “About Andrew” page. The reason for that is because YOU the reader will be helping me come up with the giraffe’s personal characteristics and story!

So far I have put it up to a vote for people to decide if it is a male or female giraffe, and if so, what it’s name is. Voting is still open, but I will close the polls on Monday, May 30th at midnight.

AS OF RIGHT NOW (as I said, voting is still open!), the giraffe is a female named Lily!

The next step will be to come up with where it came from, and how it was raised. I will post an update as soon as voting closes for the first step, and I will open things up yet again for all of you to have your say.

So by all means, keep on voting for what you’d like he/she to be called, and feel free to invite your family and friends to share in this journey! There’s only a few days left and I’d like to get as many people on board before we move forward. Happy polling!

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