A Snaptastic day at work

Let’s be honest, work isn’t always sunshine and rainbows.

Sometimes it’s long. Sometimes it’s boring. Sometimes it’s hectic, and sometimes it’s just downright awful.

Having had experience in┬áboth the office world and the customer service world, I’ve had more than my fair share of “down time”, where it seems as if the clocks are painted on and the sweet glorious taste of freedom is simply unreachable. Every now and them, something amazing can happen.

Like doing the water bottle flip challenge, 3 times in a row. No big deal.

During one stint at the workplace where time (and productivity) was basically at a standstill, I asked myself, “How can I entertain myself, and potentially others?”, which is how I decided to build an imaginary group of fellow employees to keep me company using Snapchat. This was a particular period in time where most of the other staff members were on break, so with an empty office I had no choice but to be creative.

Who said you couldn’t have fun at work?!

Note: All of these snaps were made while on break. I would never use company time to create such a masterpiece! (or snapsterpiece).