About Andrew

Hi! I’m Andrew, nice to meet you!

Welcome to Odd Socks and Random Thoughts, a blog where I write about all of the thoughts and ideas that get stuck in my brain!

I am a person that lives life in the clouds. All too often, I drift off in thought, forgetting that I am in the middle of talking to people (sorry mom). When people ask me, “What are you thinking about?”, I often have a tough time explaining what I am thinking of and how I got there.

The point of this blog is to write down my thoughts, ideas, experiences and views of the world. The is no specific topic at hand, but simply putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and expressing myself. I came up with the name of this blog with the help of my sisters (I promised them credit).

Odd Socks and Random Thoughts is exactly what it is: random thoughts! And just like odd socks, I am sure some posts will seem to stand alone, serving no purpose except existing. This blog is going to have an uplifting attitude where anything goes. I also hope that my readers will comment and share their ideas along the way, to both create engaging discussions and convince myself that I am not alone in the clouds.

I am a writer by trade, and I have had the good fortune of writing about a wide variety of topics so far in my career. One of my biggest passions is the game of hockey, and I started a blog about the sport several years ago (The Puck Stops Here). Recently, I have realized that I wanted to write about topics outside of sports. Whether it be about politics, travel, culture, cats or simply sharing photographs, I plan on posting it here.

So please sit back, relax, and enjoy a free ticket on my train of thought. If ever you get lost (as I often do), simply click the HOME button.  That is the easiest escape. If ever you want to reach me, feel free to shoot me an email at:


Safe travels!

2 thoughts on “About Andrew

  1. I look forward to reading your blog, I am sure that you will be interesting and entertaining like always.
    Best of luck with your new blog


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